A fun way to learn
about your future opportunities

The digital learning platform
that helps you navigate
the Norwegian society 

Who are we?

We are a transdisciplinary team,

with and without immigrant background, that represent the value of collaboration across different fields and cultures.

The idea emerged from experiences with Norwegian integration programs and the Norwegian Somali online community

The Twins Mindset.

Our vision

Our vision for the future is one where people from all cultures and backgrounds live dignified and independent lives. We wish for a sustainable and diverse society built on the diverse knowledge, experience and talent of all of its inhabitants.

Why Digna?

The platform combines

human-centered design,

anthropology, and pedagogics.

It is developed by people with

immigrant background and is based on their experiences and learnings.

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How does it work?

Get inspired by
role models

Follow people with experience and find your way to achieve your goals

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Learn Norwegian
having fun

Try fun ways that make Norwegian easier to learn

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Find your way around 
governmental websites

Recieve the help you need to order a taxcard, doctor's appointment and more.

Meet friends 
in different places

Join activities where you can have fun with others in your neighbourhood

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Explore your 

Learn about your opportunities and use your experience from your home country
for success

Why does it work?

Native language

Content is translated into your language and developed by people with your cultural background




Take ownership to your own learning, opportunities and future prospects


Use the app whenever, wherever at your own pace 


Did you know that your experience can inspire others?

Now you have the opportunity to inspire others.
Digna is looking for people with refugee or immigrant background
with student or work experience who wants to share their story.

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Our role models

Marian Hussein 2.png

Marian Hussein


Member of Parlament (SV)

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Abdirahmaan Omar 



Chairman at Unge minoriteter

Saad Hashi

CEO at Atlas Kompetanse

Halwo Ali2.png

Halwo Ali


Life coach

Liban Farah


Head of Sales at Vipps

Our collaboration partners 

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Contact us

Thank you for your interest!

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Tel: +47 41 46 67 92


Gaustadalléen 21

0349 Oslo